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I'm getting rather annoyed and rather depressed... It seems people can read me/work me out too easily... An example being I'm talking to someone, and suddenly get asked "Do you have Asperger's?". I know I have, but I *hate* being asked that and *hate* being reminded of it.

It probably sounds really stupid that I get worked up over a label placed on me for a disorder I suffer from (Yes, yes, it has it's advantages too...), but I can't help feeling like I'm being stung when someone asks that.

Even worse when people don't understand, but that's a different story.

*sighs* I wish things would work out.

~ T


I'm usually all for fan-made music videos... But when I find one like this:

It's well put together, I admit... But... The worrying thing for me is: Where the hell did he come up with this theme?!. It is just a little troubling...

On another note... I keep seeing the letter "h" in words that don't have it... i.e I look at the work "sick" and see "shick"... Very odd.. Probably a combination of not getting enough sleep, too much python programming and not wearing glasses... I'll put them on now!

~ T


Okay... Ones of the strange conversations with myself and my fiance (he's sex obsessed, that may help you understand more :P):

Tom: "I bet you'd like a German... I hear they're quite efficient!"
Dave: "They make funny noises in bed. How would I know that?"
Tom: "That does make me wonder..."
*2 minutes later*
Dave: "Did you like french orals?"
Tom: "WHAT?!"

He really does worry me sometimes.

~ T

On a roll...

Found some old "Protect and Survive" videos about nuclear warfare :D

Click here

Nine names...

1. NAME:


Pink Bunny (DAMNIT!)

David Preston


Blue Vodka



Orange Emily

To work out your Nine names:
  • Your first name.
  • Gansta Name: First three letters of your first name, plus 'izzle'.
  • Detective Name: Favourite colour and animal.
  • Soap Opera Name: Middle name and current street/road.
  • Star Wars Name: First three letters of your surname, first two letters of your first name, first three letters of your Dad's/Father's first name.
  • Superhero Name: Second favourite colour and favourite drink.
  • Iraqi Name: Second letter of your first name, third letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, second letter of your mum's maiden name, third letter of your dad's middle name, first letter of a sibling's first name, last letter of your mum's middle name.
  • Witness Protection Name: Mum or Dad's middle name.
  • Goth Name: Third favourite colour and name of one of your pets.

Ho hum...

I'm getting a new laptop for my birthday in 2 weeks (might be getting it early though... YAY!)...

I want a MacBook or MacBook Pro, spec approx as follows (I will get a standard laptop if I *have* to):
  • 40Gb HDD minimum, I don't use huge amounts of diskspace with my development stuff... Obviously the bigger the better... Size really does matter ;)
  • 128Mb graphics... What good are 64mb for gaming? Pathetic! 256Mb would be ideal though
  • WiFi, LAN and Bluetooth
  • Widescreen
Okay, so thats not very techy/geeky, but its understandable :D
Are we in agreement they're yummy? :P

~ T

When in Rome...

Already planning with Paul our terrorist attack on Cardiff computer stores:

[18:32:35] Tommy says:
Oh... Payback for that shop that stole 6% of me!
[18:32:46] Tommy says:
For taking back a dodgy laptop... :@
[18:33:00] Asmodai says:
firebomb 'em
[18:33:05] Tommy says:
Maybe fake IDs and inspection? :P
[18:33:06] Tommy says:
Oh :D
[18:33:12] Asmodai says:
nah, best leave 'em be
[18:33:16] Tommy says:
*buys from gloves* :P
[18:33:17] Asmodai says:
cba with 'em
[18:33:28] Tommy says:
Awww... I likes the firebomb thing
[18:33:33] Asmodai says:
[18:33:37] Tommy says:
I have combats and a green balaclava :P
[18:33:56] Tommy says:
Just need gloves and I could firefox the place as part of the Coallition :P
[18:34:06] Tommy says:
There were terrorists operating a shop :P
[18:34:06] Asmodai says:
you could "firefox" the place eh?
[18:34:09] Tommy says:
[18:34:18] Tommy says:
Literally? :P
[18:34:21] Asmodai says:
sneak in at night and install Firefox on all the machines eh?
[18:34:27] Tommy says:
Good idea ;)
[18:34:29] Tommy says:
[18:34:32] Tommy says:
Linuxify them :P
[18:34:39] Tommy says:
With only console, no gui :P
[18:34:47] Asmodai says:
[18:34:51] Asmodai says:
OS/2 Warp
[18:34:56] Asmodai says:
no fucker knows how to use that these days
[18:35:10] Tommy says:
Excellent idea... You have OS/2 right?
[18:35:18] Asmodai says:
all 60 floppy disks :(
[18:35:22] Tommy says:
[18:35:29] Tommy says:
We'll arm ourselves with them then :P
[18:35:36] Tommy says:
Can we kill a mac again?
[18:35:36] Asmodai says:
that would be a busy night
[18:35:46] Asmodai says:
"yo mate, I need disk 20... do you have disk 20?"
[18:35:53] Asmodai says:
"sure... have you got driver suppliment 2?"
[18:35:57] Tommy says:
[18:35:59] Asmodai says:
"yeh, what about printer driver 1?"
[18:36:06] Asmodai says:
"yeh, no worries... can I have disk 2 again please?"
[18:37:06] Asmodai says:
I have my USB stick of doom
[18:37:16] Asmodai says:
I should set up some WIndows autorun that'll kill the OS on laptops etc
[18:37:43] Asmodai says:
[18:37:44] Asmodai says:
[18:37:54] Asmodai says:
if I make it bootable and put Windows 1 on it
[18:38:10] Asmodai says:
boot the display laptops into  modified version of Windows 1
[18:38:18] Asmodai says:
something that reports its version as "Windows Vista"

We make a great team ;)

The news for today...

Unfortunately, Andy fell victim to my auto-away script... Eliza. She is a complete bitch (designed to be) who you will practically *never* get a straight answer from... Unless you're a *really* good psychologist.

I was actually completely unaware she had kicked in... Since I was stupidly set to online instead of away (which is when Eliza usually kicks in).

I'm very sowwy Andy for you having to go through that... I know how annoying she can be, since I had to get a password from her once as part of a security challenge... Took me 5 months.

I installed Eliza for a few reasons:
  • She can be veeery amusing... Most my geeky friends know of her and love the scripts (she'll have a massive response database soon :P).
  • Hopefully will teach people not to message me when set away (99% of the time I'm set to away, I really am).
So once again, I apologise Andy, I neglected to mention her :(

~ T

May you find some comfort here...

I've been getting quite into Angelis recently... Watched the video for Angel, had me in tears... I love that song and they do a beautiful cover... Here's the video:

Hope you like it. I want to see them live :D I intend to see all the following bands (if possible) this year:

  • Judas Priest
  • Iron Maiden
  • Iced Earth
  • Angelis
  • Ladytron
  • Muse
  • The Scorpions
  • Nightwish
  • Sonata Arctica
Let's hope I can see them all!

On another note... It's 05:10.. I've not been able to sleep... This is getting ridiculous now, almost a week of the same thing... WHHYYY ME?!?! Can't Insomnia pick on someone bigger and meaner then me?

Long time, no update...

Christmas and New Year haven't been the best for me - by far. Things have been very "iffy" for months now and I suspected I wouldn't really enjoy the "festive season".

I didn't think much could get worse, but it did. My Great Grandma died on the 13th December, aged 101 (and a half)... I knew this would happen sometime, but I though she had a few years left in here still... I had planned on seeing her on my 21st birthday (in late January... Not long now, heh).

Christmas comes... I stay with Mummy and Dave goes to his parents... I got incredibly drunk when I wasn't around my parents (I mean like 2 bottles of wine, plus whatever other alcohol I could get hold per per night, for 3 days or so). Watched Doctor Who - The Runnaway Bride... That cheered me a little - The Doctor finally mentioned his home planet (Gallifrey) and the logo changed from this:

To this:

Latest word is that David Tennant leaves in the middle of the 4th series - Something that has never happened before (Doctor always regenerated at the beginning or end of a season/series - not the middle).

Anyway... Roll on the 29th, in my smart suit with my pink shirt and tie (Granny didn't want anything too "depressive" colour wise), Dave is his purple shirt and tie.  Look smart, feel like shit.

I did my best, tried to keep back the tears, sang the songs... Soon as it got to the Lord's Prayer though I lost it... I, along with my cousin Leonie couldn't hold back anymore - we really cried... I don't know how Mum managed though, I really don't. To make things worse the final song was Psalm 23 - A song I really love and used to sing alot when I was a part of Medway Boys' Choir/Vox Roffensis... I managed to sing it - well I hope, but I knew that the curtains would close around Great Granny's coffin any minute now... That upset me.  One final prayer then the organ plays, curtains close and my Great Granny has now officially left this world for a better place. I will see her no longer.

It felt exactly the same as Grandpa's funeral... I didn't cope with it well. I'll never see them again, but selfishly I want to. I'm happy that they're where they want to be and that they passed on peacefully, but I still want them back.

I got a bit drunk at the wake... As did Uncle Paul, had alot of sherry. Helped take the edge off what had preceeded.

Made things hit home for me... It's going to happen again... It's a case of when and who. I don't want to lose any of my family - I love them dearly (Mum's side most though).  I honestly wish I could have given my life to extend theres. I'd do that willingly.

As they say "Life goes on". How ironic, it does, unfortunately... To my astonishment, later on I was talking on irc and I get queried by someone with the nickname of "TimeGoes" and username of "HappyLife"... Not sure if anyone will understand why that irritated me, but it did. Immensely.

Onto 2007. This year I'm gonna sort out my medication. I've been off Fluoxetine/Prozac for at least a month now, after nearly taking the lot... Doesn't work, found out its actually weaker then Escitalopram. Hah!

Getting a laptop for my birthday from Mummy and Dad... Hopefully a MacBook... Oh that would be wicked - I looooove those machines (Aqua rules my world... Lovely OpenGL rendering crossed with UNIX goodiness :D).  Planning on getting friends together and going to a chinese restaurant (I love the "All you can eat" menus... I do try :P).  Hopefully that should be good... Gonna have the evening as a smart dress "event" hehe :D  If anyone's interested in coming, lemme know.

On another note, I'm officially Thomas David Dalladay-Morgan now :) I hated William as a name. Always have, always will, so I changed it. I like this name and it's staying.

Lets see what 2006 2.0 has in store for me.

~ T